Sunday, May 01, 2011


  by morning_aura

The past year has been unseasonably and, dare I say, unreasonably cold in Southern California. We basically never had a summer - it was the coldest ever recorded - and there's been an unheard of amount of gloom and rain.

After this weekend, I think we're finally past that.

The weather this past weekend was 80 degrees and sunny. The sky was cloudless and there was a light breeze. In short, it was perfect weather. Especially for April.

Naturally, I spent as much time as possible down by the pool relaxing, drinking coctails, reading, and roasting myself to a crisp (or as much as possible with a huge sun hat and 100+ SPF sunscreen slathered on every inch of exposed skin).

(Yes, a cold year in Southern California is still relative. But I put in my time in the Northeast buried under snow. I expect a ridiculous amount of sunshine and warm weather now that I live in California.)

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