Thursday, November 12, 2009


I had a dream last night that I was kneeling up in bed, a war cry on my lips while I brandished a pillow to fend off the hoard of mechanical spiders spilling up and over my headboard. (No clue why they were mechanical. But they totally were little tiny robot arachnids.)

That’s when my boyfriend woke me up.

Because, apparently, I really was kneeling up in bed, while yelling, and brandishing a pillow.

No spiders though, which was actually kind of a letdown. But I think the fact that I was actually shouting and swinging a pillow in real life, just like in my dream, is kind of awesome.

Side note: Is it weird that I was bummed to discover that I wasn’t actually battling tiny robot arachnids? I’m not really fond of spiders, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed that my bed wasn’t full of a swarm of them. I think I’m just looking for the epic in life.

And, while I’m pondering, why robot spiders? Were regular spiders not exciting enough? My dream interpretation books agree that spiders signify change, but there’s no mention of what robot spiders indicate. Perhaps there’s a new computer in my future or something?