Sunday, March 20, 2011


Today I made a brunch of pancakes (the classic Joy of Cooking recipe that my dad always made growing up) studded with fresh blueberries (purchased at the Mercato yesterday) and drizzled with real maple syrup (smuggled back on a plane by yours truly from the East coast because they do it better there), plus pepper-crusted bacon (mmm... bacon) and mimosas with hand-squeezed OJ (we seem to have lost our elecric citrus juicer during our exodus for fumigation, which is sad since it's probably the most frequently used appliance in our house)...

All while still in my PJs.

The fact that I was still in my PJs is more impressive when you realize that "brunch" didn't happen until after 3 PM.

Before you panic, I did eventually change out of my PJs. Into a swimsuit so we could go in the hot tub. With our mimosas still in tow. Of course, after the hot tub I immediately changed back into my PJs.

Hooray for Sundays!

(Let's pretend I didn't also spend about 6 hours working from home, lest we ruin the mystique.)

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