Saturday, January 01, 2011

Retrospective (2010)

Happy New Year!

I made goals for myself for last year. I haven't gotten that far this year (I'm mostly focused on my 30-before-30 list through July anyway), so instead, let's review last year's resolutions and see how they went.
1. Hug More - What? That's not creepy. Okay, maybe it is a little creepy. But I'm not good with soliciting affection (don't most people think of hugging as soliciting affection?) or being overly demonstrative with people I don't know extremely well. So I stand there awkwardly trying to decide between shaking hands or just waving or hugging, and then the moment drags on and I feel more and more awkward and... Never mind. Let's avoid over-analyzing my neurosis. (Ha! That'd be a first.) I'm just taking the issue out of this by hugging more.

Result: Awesome. It took the stress away and let me just enjoy embracing people. And, bonus, it seemed to make other people happy too.

2. Volunteer More - I used to volunteer a lot before I moved to SoCal. I haven't gotten involved in anything like that here yet, and it would be nice to get back into the habit of giving back. Plus, it could be a good way to meet people.

Result: I'm still working on this one, but I joined the local Swedish Cultural Center, where I help spread the joy that is Swedish culture AND get to help out a bunch of Swedish octogenarians. Double win. Next up? Maybe finding a local theater company that needs help painting sets or something.

3. Read More - Ha. Because that was ever really an issue. I'm a voracious reader, so this was pretty much just self indulgance. I more just decided it would be fun to track every book I read. In a spreadsheet. And then statistically analyze the results. What? That's not creepy (either).

Result: I read over 130 books this year. That 's normal, right? Bonus: I read more of a variety and more works of "literary merit" than I would have otherwise because I had to actually write them all down.


My brother has decided that 2011 is the year of taking risks. I can get behind that.

First up? Learning to surf. Actually, we'll wait on that until the water warms up a little.

New first up? Learning to play the guitar.

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