Thursday, February 16, 2006


This came up during conversation today and it's always amused me, so I thought I'd share. (The fact that it does amuse me is probably a sign of just how twisted I am, but oh well.)

In grade school, I used to skip recess to shelve books in the library.


Well, I wasn't exactly attractive. I was a little too intelligent (and simultaneously socially dumb) for my own good. And I cared about everything too much. All this added up to my not being the social queen bee. Plus, I had a fear of things flying at my head, such as kickballs. And I really liked the fact that in the library everything had a logical place and a set order, unlike life, which scared the hell out of me.

Since then, I've grown. I'm more attractive (it'd be hard not to be). I'm not social royalty, but I function reasonably well in normal society. I've gotten over my fear of flying objects and head injuries. (Life's to short to spend so much time ducking). I've even learned to embrace chaos - mostly.

Okay, so I may have inebriatedly alphabetized my bookshelf at 4 AM once or twice, but who hasn't?

Most people? Are you sure?

Well damn. I was doing pretty well there for a while too. Anyway... you may be asking yourself, "What's the point?"

There isn't one.

If you need one, I guess you can take this: I think people who struggled as kids (nerds, geeks, wallflowers and the like) are generally cooler people as adults. Okay, so not everyone comes out unscathed or socially functional, but those that do (and even some of those who don't) are usually a lot more interesting for it.

Funny how what were socially crippling disfunctions in your youth can become interesting quirks once you pass beyond high school.

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